Notary Public

Notary Public- what is it and why would I need one?

A Notary Public is a specially qualified lawyer and a member of the oldest and smallest branch of the legal profession, who is authorised by the Faculty Office of the Arch Bishop of Canterbury in Westminster to impartially prepare, attest and authenticate English documents and issue appropriate certificates.

The services of a notary public are usually required for use in documents for a foreign jurisdiction – ere what the notary signs and certifies will be completely relied upon. Documents signed by a notary will also have their personal and totally unique seal attached though nowadays this is rarely takes the form of old fashioned sealing wax. Many notaries are also solicitors.

What our Notarial Services can offer you

• Verification of your identity for worldwide acceptance using your driving licence, passport or other qualifying documentation.

• Administration of oaths and declarations.

• Certification of documents

• Attesting the signature and execution of documents

• Authenticating the execution of documents

• Authenticating the contents of documents

• Administration of oaths and declarations

• Drawing up or noting (and extending) protests of happenings to ships, crews and cargoes

• Presenting bills of exchange for acceptance and payment, noting and protesting bills in cases of dishonour and preparing acts of honour

• Attending upon the drawing up of bonds

• Drawing mercantile documents, deeds agreement and wills in English and (via translation), in foreign languages for use in Britain, the Commonwealth and other foreign countries

• Verifying of translations from foreign languages to English and vice versa

• Taking evidence in England and Wales as a Commissioner for Oaths for foreign courts

• The provision of Notarial copies

• Powers of attorney, corporate records, contracts

• International domain name transfers

This is intensely specialist work which cannot, in many instances, be carried out by a legal professional who isn’t a notary and it is a service we are justifiably proud to be able to offer in such a comprehensively way to our private and commercial clients.

Need a Notary Public in Salisbury?

Simply call Colin Carnegy, one of our partners and a qualified Notary Public, on