New divorce and family law out of hours service

Divorce advice – seven days a week

Industry produces goods and transport runs seven days a week, the shops and hospitals are open seven days a week, people live busy lives seven days a week and of course relationship break ups occur and decisions to divorce are made seven days a week. It’s the kind of world we live in nowadays and it would be an poor business indeed that failed to recognise this and, in our profession be particularly aware of the distress to clients unable to urgently contact one of our specialist divorce solicitors because we are only available to them during normal working hours and they can’t phone from work.

We’re on it!

Here at Bonallack and Bishop, our highly perceptive divorce solicitors were right onto this issue and decided immediately that a seven days a week, out of hours divorce advice telephone service would make a big impact when it came to ticking some of the boxes relating to bringing you what we offer in a way that fits into your busy lifestyle best. We believe that alongside our excellent and very popular drop-in legal advice surgeries (Tuesday evenings in Salisbury and Wednesday evenings in Andover) this new seven days a week phone service demonstrates our on-going commitment to delivering legal services in way that our valued clients want to have them delivered.

All you have to do…

Simply call 07807 783805, for access to one of our specialist divorce and family law solicitors. They will be there for you between the hours or 5 pm and 9 pm on weekdays and 9 am and 3 pm over the weekend, with free impartial and expert legal advice in the course of a completely confidential phone conversation with no strings attached.

Delay, delay, delay – DON’T

The longer you leave it to obtain this kind of specialist advice from an experienced divorce solicitor, especially if you think you are heading towards a divorce or already in the process of one, the more chance there is of not being able to avoid expensive disputes and all the emotional distress that comes with a confrontational approach and protracted and costly court proceedings. One phone call could help to start securing your future financial position and well-being.

What do you think?

Do you think our out of hours phone service ticks all the boxes for you? Let us know.

For advice you can rely on from specialist solicitors on divorce and family law out of hours – call 07807 783805,